Will Make Your Sydney Property Valuers Look Amazing

Everything they give us in ranges so I don’t know what you know why they do this but i think i think i do but now they give range of ten to twelve percent large cost of capital slash twenty thirteen percent or at least they meet and one number so that a high point for one is awol point for the other so given that the cash flows and earnings are coming from the same sources.

The discount rates are one layer where you’ll see differences so you can already see that Tesla is you know the case of Tesla’s art is using a higher discount rate than Evermore is in the case of Overconscientious is using a higher discount rate and Lazarus let it let let let it kind of sit in there and think about it the other number of course in this valuation will have some discretion is how they take that number and making the terminal that I’ll be quite honest with you in discounted cash flow valuation.

If you’re going to do real mischief it’s usually the terminal value and if you’re if you’re clever and evaluation you can do mischief and actually Property Valuations Sydney hide it these two listen bank didn’t even try Ever core in estimating the terminal value protester assume the six to eight percent growth rate forever I’ll Don’t repeat it because you know bad thoughts come into my mind six to eight percent growth in the US dollar dubs forever that’s our kind of avoided the whole issue that’s what they used to to the times at the dog to get the terminal value in awhile but abdominal to put together a terminal and they call this a discounted cash flow valuation us for the numbers look like using the Goldman sates equity research and divers for Tesla ever course.